Baumschulen Heinrich Krohn

Baumschule Heinrich Krohn

About us


As many other tree nurseries the beginnings of the company Heinrich Krohn lie in the agriculture. In the 50th Dieter Krohn moved completely on the producing of plants. Since 2004 is Ulf Krohn owner of the tree nusery.


Company Heinrich Krohn has done a name to itself at the market by strictly good plants. Always it was our uppermost order to produce only qualitatively high products


Our specialisation lies in the sowing and the producing of root-naked plants. The forest increase property-company number is: 011 6758 3


We have approx. 40 ha in culture. 14 tractors as well as countless sowing, clearing and cultivation machines do theirs serves. During the long winter months the young plants in approx. 3000 m³ cold storage house. At meantimes we work with 25 employees.


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